Are Car Dealerships Closed On Sunday In Texas?

In some states car dealerships can’t be open on Sunday, but does that rule apply in Texas? Texas doesn’t have a law prohibiting car dealerships from being open on Sunday, but it does have a law that says a dealership can’t be open on both Saturday and Sunday — it must be closed on one of them. Even on a holiday weekend, it’s illegal for a Texas car dealership to be open the entire time. The law dates back to the “blue laws” that were used to regulate how people spent their time on Sunday, with the goal of encouraging more pious behavior and observance of the sabbath. Over time, the required day off turned into an obligatory day of rest for workers. Strangely, the law enforcing the closing of dealerships doesn't seem to  affect consumers or businesses very much. Dealerships say that customers don’t typically demand Sunday car-shopping, and they don’t believe they’re missing out on potential sales.