A Woman Puts a Million Miles on Her Hyundai Elantra in Just 5 Years

Putting a million miles on a car is not impossible. In fact, it’s happened on Toyotas, Hondas, and American trucks. In fact, some of the highest mileage cars are from Volvo and Mercedes, with examples going well beyond a million miles. What’s noteworthy about this story is that Farrah Haines cracked one million miles on her 2013 Hyundai Elantra is a mere five years. Haines, who is an auto parts delivery driver in Olathe, Kansas, covered just over 200,000 miles a year from 2013 to 2018. Surprisingly, it’s still on its original powertrain. As she approached one million, Haines reached out to Hyundai. Understandably, the company was skeptical, but validated the million-mile Elantra by pulling onboard data, checking service records, and inspecting engine-block casting numbers. Once it was confirmed that Haines had, indeed, put a million miles on her car, Hyundai presented her with its first ever “1M” odometer badge. Now, thanks to Haines, the 1M badge is available to all Hyundai owners who have reached the one million mile mark. Despite the great lengths her car had traveled, Hyundai felt she was due for an upgrade. As part of the 2018 celebration, the automaker surprised Haines with a brand new 2019 Elantra. It will need a 1M badge of its own in 2023 if Haines keeps up her pace.