This “Ridiculous Butter” Is Flavored with Lobster and Crab and Costs a Whopping $130

"Ridiculous No.55 Lobster and Crab Butter" is a decadent handmade butter made by a family company in the UK. It has been voted one of the world’s finest foods by a panel of 355 judges. If you love food, you probably know that there is nothing better than butter, but not all butter is created equal. For example, the Ridiculous No.55 Lobster and Crab Butter made by Sublime Butter tastes nothing like the classic dairy product most of us pick up at the supermarket. Not only is it whisked to perfection out of the finest milk fats, but it’s mixed in with bits of shellfish (lobster and Devon Crab), as well as caviar, fennel, and lemon to create a truly decadent spread. Priced at a mouthwatering £95 ($130), Ridiculous No.55 Butter not only tastes divine, but also has a premium look to fit the price. Instead of the regular butter packaging, Sublime Butter opted for a handmade porcelain dish that’s reportedly handmade in Italy. Sublime Butter has a selection of flavored butters, but no. 55 is by far the most decadent one.