The Creepiest McDonald’s In The World

These days, you can find a pair of the Golden Arches on nearly every street corner the world over. There is one location, however, that might just be the creepiest McDonald’s in the world and it’s known simply as “McBarge.” Back in 1986, when the McDonald’s located in “The Barge” opened for the World Expo in Canada, it represented an eclectic and fun marvel. A floating restaurant, the franchise boasted the official title Friendship 500, which sounds downright happy and wholesome — and in the beginning it was. The upscale location featured amenities that placed it head and shoulders above the competition. It had real houseplants, wooden floors, and walls covered with fine art. Instead of making the kitchen an obvious focal point, its creators hid it away. How did food get delivered to customers? Orders came out via a conveyor belt, which appeared downright cool in 1986. Staff uniforms featured a nautical theme, and they even used a “tugboat” to collect litter thrown into the water by careless customers. No matter how well this concept would go over today, it proved a smashing success during the World Expo. Millions of visitors from the four corners of the earth dined at this cutting-edge, floating McDonald’s, but Friendship 500 closed at the end of the Expo and the barge was left in decay and neglect for several years. In 2017, a crowdfunding site attempted to raise money to revitalize the abandoned structure, but that was a failure too. Hope is not lost, though. In February 2021, the owner of the “McBarge” revealed that the latest plan is turn it into a seafood restaurant, but so far nothing much has been done.