Five Escaped Zebras Are Still Roaming the Suburbs of Maryland

Imagine looking out into your backyard and seeing zebras. It sounds like something out of a movie, but for over a month, it’s been reality for residents of suburban Upper Marlboro, Maryland. It all started on August 31, when five of the striped mammals escaped from a private farm. As it turns out, catching zebras is a pretty tricky endeavor. Having evolved to escape predators such as lions on the flat savanna and grasslands of Africa, zebras can run very fast at a moment’s notice. Because of the animal's instinct to flee, animal control officials avoid chasing them and instead try to lure them into a corral with enticing snacks of grain. So far, they haven’t had any luck. In the meantime, Maryland residents have posted their encounters with the zebras on social media. An investigation disclosed that the mammals are legal to own with a permit from the USDA, and the owner has a group of 39 of them on his farm. With plentiful supplies of grass in Maryland and no natural predators, the zebras should be able to survive just fine on their own for as long as they remain free. As animals prone to running from danger, they most likely shouldn’t present any danger to people who stumble across them, but animal control continues to set up lures to see if they can catch them.