Dentists Reveal the Worst Halloween Candies For Your Teeth — and What To Eat Instead

Halloween is approaching fast and Halloween candy is star of the show. While most parents loosen the sweets rule a little at Halloween, people still want to know what the worst of the worst is so they can make better choices. According to dentists, gummy candy is the worst. It sticks to your teeth and has to be chewed much more than any other candy. The sugar is in contact with your teeth for a longer period of time, and sometimes it sticks in hard-to-clean areas like between your teeth. Like gummies, caramels are sticky and take a long time to dissolve, while tacky candies like Starburst can pull on crowns and fillings. They act like little sugar bombs that hang out in the hard-to-reach crevices of your teeth until they finally dissolve. Lollipops might not be sticky, but they’re just as bad because they’re consumed slowly, which means prolonged acidity can wear on teeth. Surprisingly, dentists recommend chocolate as a better Halloween candy option. It can be eaten quickly, dissolves fast, and washes away from teeth easily after brushing. If you’re a caramel lover, dentists recommend a caramel apple instead. Although the caramel is sticky, the apples are crisp and help to clean the surfaces of the teeth. In the end, it’s okay to enjoy a little Halloween candy indulgence, but to lessen the negative effects of sugary sweets on your teeth, eat the candy in one sitting instead of nibbling on it throughout the day and rinse your mouth with water afterwards.