How An MLB Pitcher Bit Himself in the Butt

Baseball history is full of stories of bizarre injuries, but none more strange than that of Boston Red Sox pitcher Clarence Blethen. While he wasn’t a very good pitcher, he did manage to make it from the minor leagues to the Boston Red Sox in 1933. The 40-year-old had a bad habit of using chewing tobacco, one which caused him to lose his front teeth. Although he had false teeth and removable molars, he always took them out when he was forced to run the bases. On those occasions, he stuck the teeth in his back pocket. On July 6, 1933, during the fourth inning of a game, Blethen bunted. The play was close enough that he was forced into evasive action at first base. He was safe, but his nether regions weren’t. Somehow, the slide had first twisted his false teeth in his pocket, and then clamped them down, taking a bite out of his “derrière.” Blethen spent much of the rest of the game making expressions of great pain and rubbing his posterior.