Dutch Couple Move Into Europe's First 3D-Printed Home Which Can Be Built In Just Five Days

A retired Dutch couple has moved into Europe’s first 3D-printed home, which developers claim can be built from scratch in a mere five days. Elize and Harrie Dekkers’ new home in Eindhoven in the Netherlands is a 1,011-square-foot 2-bedroom bungalow that resembles a boulder with windows. The home is made up of 24 concrete elements “printed” by a machine that squirts layer upon layer of concrete, before the finishing touches were added. The layers give a ribbed texture to its walls, inside and out. The concrete is the consistency of toothpaste to ensure it’s strong enough to build with, but also wet enough so the layers stick together. The printed elements are hollow and filled with insulation material. The Dekkers say they have already noticed the home has great acoustics, and when they’re not listening to music, they enjoy the silence that the insulated walls provide. The Dekkers are currently renting the home for $960 a month.