Woman Who Committed To Eating Vegetables Every Day For a Month Was Surprised By What She Learned

Savanna Swain-Wilson decided that part of her New Year’s resolutions for 2021 was going to be incorporating more vegetables into her food plan. She stocked up on a variety of fresh, frozen and canned vegetables and set off to do a one-month experiment to see how her body would be affected by the influx of vegetables. She decided to introduce one or two new vegetables into her diet each week. The first week, Savanna made sure she ate a salad with every dinner. During the second week, she found more ways to enjoy vegetables, including mixing them in with her eggs for breakfast. When she reached week three, she replaced meat with vegetables, making a burger with a black-bean patty and later sautéing sliced portobello mushrooms with garlic and jalapeño as a taco filling. By then, she was feeling more motivated and discovered she was snacking a lot less than normal. When week four finally arrived, Savanna had learned that it was cooking vegetables with herbs that was the key to transforming them from “edible” to “good,” regardless of their preparation. Some of her favorite meals were roasted butternut squash and kale couscous, mushroom and carrot stew, Buffalo-style cauliflower, and vegetable curry. While she learned that eating veggies made her feel full faster and kept her from overeating, the most surprising thing she learned is that vegetables can be much more than salads and bland broccoli.