Tiny Terriers Chase Hungry Bear Out of House

Dee Dee Mueller of Pasadena, California, had quite a shock recently when she reviewed the footage from her CCTV camera and discovered that a bear had been in her house while she was napping on the couch. Awakened by the incessant barking of her two terriers, Squirt and Mei Mei, she went to see what was going on. When she didn’t see what could have started them barking, she decided to check her cameras. There she discovered that a young bear had entered her house and was exploring her kitchen before the dogs interrupted it. Mueller said the doors of the property were left open to allow the dogs the freedom to explore outside. She said she suspects the dogs smelled the bear and went to investigate. That’s when they went into guard dog mode and chased the bear out of the house. When Mueller found a trail of bear urine, she knew the dogs has scared the bear for sure. The bear appears to be skinny and is suspected to have recently emerged from hibernation.