The Top Three Bedroom Colors That Promote Peaceful Sleeping - and the One Shade You Should Avoid

Experts have revealed the three colors you should use to decorate your bedroom for a good night’s sleep, and that’s bad news if you like red. The study revealed that people who sleep in blue bedrooms get the most sleep and wake up the happiest. That’s because “happiness receptors” in human eyes are very sensitive to blue. When we see the color blue, our heart rate slows, we feel calm, and we can sleep well. Shades of blue with gray or icy undertones also help mimic the ocean, which can help people feel calm and sleepy. Yellow is another great color to use in the bedroom because it’s relaxing and calming and can help people feel comfortable in their surroundings. The third best color is green, particularly in lighter shades like sage, as calmer greens help create a zen environment. It’s advised to steer clear of brighter shades like lime green. Now for the bad news…….red is NOT a perfect color for the bedroom because it’s synonymous with fire, passion and danger and could lead to increased blood pressure when used on bedroom walls or furnishings. On a side note, 21% of people who slept in a silver bedroom were more likely to wake up ready to go to the gym in the morning.