The One Outfit the Royal Family Always Packs, No Matter Where They Go

The very concept of a royal family is one of tradition and etiquette, so it should come as no surprise that monarchies themselves survive in the modern world on tradition alone. To help maintain that sense of tradition, the British royal family abides by a very specific set of rules. The rules even extend to when they’re on vacation, and that means always packing one thing that they're never to leave home without: a black outfit. They must be prepared for mourning attire, just in case there’s a death in the family. The tradition began with Queen Elizabeth II in 1952 when she was on royal tour in Kenya and her father, King George VI, passed away. A suitable black dress had not been packed for the Queen, but she couldn’t be seen stepping out of the plane back in the UK without the proper mourning attire. Instead, she had to wait for a black outfit to be brought onboard so she could change before exiting the plane. From then on, the entire royal family has been required to pack a black outfit in case of another worst-case scenario.