On Canusa Street, You Need a Passport To Visit Your Neighbors

The Canada-U.S. border runs right down the middle of a residential road that divides Quebec and Vermont. Aptly named Canusa Street, the yellow line between two lanes of traffic separates Stanstead, Quebec, from Beebe Plain, Vermont. It’s one a few cross-border oddities in the area. At the end of Canusa Street, a house sits right on the border, with doors to both countries. It was for sale last year by two long-time residents who had dual citizenship. Nearby Haskell Free Library also straddles the border. A black line dividing north from south runs along the floor inside. Both Canadians and Americans can enter, and patrol officers ensure that everyone gets back to where they came from. There was actually a time when crossing over Canusa Street just required a wave to the border agent, but since the 9/11 terror attacks, border security has tightened. Now, you are required to show your passport……even if you’re just going next door to visit your neighbor.