Man Tells Each of His 35 Girlfriends He Has a Different Birthday So He Regularly Receives Gifts

A Japanese fraudster has been busted for allegedly scamming over 35 different women with whom he pretended he was in a serious relationship. Takashi Miyagawa, a 39-year-old part-time worker, told each of his “girlfriends” that his birthday fell on a different date so that he could receive gifts regularly. All the while, the women — apparently blinded by love — were completely oblivious to each other’s existence. In the most recent scam, the serial swindler told one woman that his birthday was on Feb. 22 — despite it actually falling on Nov. 13. Another victim said he convinced her his birthday was in July, while a third mark was fooled into thinking it was in April. All told, the catfish’s racket netted him a whopping JPY 100,000 ($929.44) worth of presents, clothes and cash. Miyagawa had reportedly met the single women while selling them hydrogen shower heads and other products for an unnamed company. He began each relationship under the assumption that marriage was in the cards. Now all that’s in the cards is jail time.