Man Ordered to Pay Ex-Wife $72,000 for Housework During Their 30-Year Marriage

There was a time when housework was considered a wife’s duty, but those times are long gone, as evidenced by the avalanche of court rulings in favor of housewives asking for compensation from their ex-husbands. Portugal’s Supreme Court of Justice has ordered a man to pay his ex-wife $72,000 in compensation for the cleaning and cooking she did during their 30-year marriage. Originally, the wife asked for at least $290,000, but her claim was dismissed in a lower court, which ruled she wasn’t entitled to any kind of financial compensation. The woman filed an appeal with the Court of Appeals, which this time ruled in her favor. The court ruled that while it remains invisible, housework has clear economic value. The court determined the financial value of the domestic work by using the national minimum wage as a criterion, multiplying it by 12 months, for the 30 years of marriage. A third of the sum was then subtracted as the woman’s expenses during that period.