How Winnipeg, Canada, Became the Slurpee Capital of the World

Since 1966, customers at convenience store chain 7-Eleven have been guzzling down Slurpees. Around the world, customers enjoy the flavored ice drink during the warm summer months. So, why has 7-Eleven deemed chilly Winnipeg, Canada, as the Slurpee Capital of the World? It may have something to do with fact that Winnipeg citizens lean into their cold climate rather than opting for warmer beverages. Since the first 7-Eleven opened there in 1970, the drink has been flying out of dispensers, moving an average of 188,000 Slurpees a month, despite temperatures dropping to -4ยบ F and snow falling half the year. In fact, it’s become so embedded in local culture that there’s a market for actual Slurpee machines sold to private parties. There’s even a street named Slurpee Way. In the U.S., Detroit leads the Slurpee sales charts, though residents draw the line at buying machines for private use.