First Completed Full-Scale Hyperloop System Will Travel At 750Mph

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) has unveiled designs for the first-ever completed full-scale hyperloop that's set to take passengers from Chicago to Cleveland in just 35 minutes. Travelers will board capsules that will cruise down tracks at speeds up to 750mph. The pods and system are built with “vibranium," which the firm says is the safest material on earth. Pods will be able to carry a total of 164,000 passengers every day, departing every 40 seconds for the designated hub. By rolling out miles of track, HTT hopes to solve traffic issues, as well as one issue that has plagued the world for decades: pollution from vehicles. With this in mind, the team is using only renewable energy to power the system that can potentially generate more power than they consume. HTT is set to roll out the first tracks to connect Cleveland with Chicago, but is also exploring an expansion to include Pittsburgh and New York City. If testing proves successful, the firm plans to break ground for the US hyperloop in 2023 and have it running by 2028.