Farmer Explains Food Expiration So That People Won't Throw Away Food That's Still Edible

Meet Hayden Fox, a farmer who’s been making headlines for his explanation on why you shouldn’t throw away food simply because it’s beyond the expiration date. He scoffs at the demands that food not be eaten after the expiration date for one simple reason: it’s not actually bad. According to Fox, people are being lied to by food companies about the expiration date. He says it’s not really an expiration date, but rather a “peak freshness” date, meaning the food is best until that date, but not bad after it. In fact, it’s good for quite a while, depending on the food. He claims this is being done so that the fat cats in the food industry can line their pockets with more money. It’s common sense that when you get rid of something you’re not going to eat, you simply go and buy more. “We literally work all year long growing this food for 60% of it to be thrown into the garbage,” said Fox. He further explained that there’s more than expiration dates that are misleading. For example, it’s impossible for strawberries to be genetically modified, but many times you can see GMO printed on the packaging. This allows grocery stores to charge more for the same product. Packing companies add stickers like “gluten free” or “sugar free” when the food never contained these components to begin with. There’s a very fine line whether something can be classified as organic, and many times foods labeled and sold as organic have no real added value to consumers. Fox, like most farmers, say they wish people could see the work that goes into growing the food they throw out so easily. "We generate enough food to feed the entire world, but millions of people go hungry every day because we constantly waste the food we have.”