A Swedish Invention Is Giving People Living With Mobility Issues New Hope

For people with multiple sclerosis, muscle spasms that make walking erratic is something you have to learn to live with…..until now. The Mollii Suit is an innovative concept, developed in Stockholm, Sweden, by chiropractor Fredrik Lundqvist and physiotherapist Jorgen Sandell. A full body synthetic outfit, similar to a wetsuit with a zipper down the front, the suit contains a detachable battery situated over the abdomen, which is connected to 58 electrodes strategically embedded to cover the arms, legs and torso. Just one hour’s use gives around 48 hours of relief from the symptoms and is designed for easy use at home. Each suit is programmed for an individual’s needs and goals and fits into most exercise, therapy or rehabilitation plans. Though not available in the U.S. yet, it is available in Australia and the UK. It costs $11,600 to buy or $1,160 a month to rent.