8-Year-Old Boy Finds Odd Rock That Ends Up Being Worth $63,000

Sperm whales eject an intestinal slurry called ambergris into the ocean, where the substance hardens as it bobs along. Eventually, it winds up on the shore, which is where 8-year-old Charlie Naysmith from the UK found one. Walking along the beach in Dorset with his dad, the boy found what looked like an odd rock. He and his dad used Google to help identify it as ambergris. Weighing more than a pound, it is said to be worth up to $63,000. The value of ambergris lies in its role in the fragrance industry. High-end perfumes from houses such as Chanel take advantage of the ability of ambergris to fix scent to human skin. Though it's illegal to use ambergris in perfumes in the U.S. because of the sperm whale's endangered status, foreign markets, especially French, remain strong.