Woman Carries a Knife Made From Her Rib

Kelly Pilcher of Collinsville, Texas, was 20 years old when doctors told her that hope of regaining feeling in her right side lay in having her first rib removed. She put off the surgery as long as she could, but at 22 opted to go under the knife to alleviate her thoracic outlet syndrome. During surgery preparation, she asked what happens to the body parts that are removed from people. She was told they were disposed of properly, but that if she wanted to take her rib home with her, she could. When she awoke from surgery, her dad Shane was there and he had an idea of what to do with the rib. He suggested she have a knife made out of it. The rib was whitened and cast in a clear resin before becoming the handle of a beautiful knife that Kelly carries with her everywhere. Her surgery was a success and most of the feeling in her right side has returned.