Woman Adopts a Cat That Was Ignored At a Shelter Because She Was Deemed "Ugly"

The sad reality of life is that there are millions of abandoned animals on the streets. Some end up in shelters and, if they’re lucky, they get adopted. Sadly, if the animal is sick, old, or isn’t cute, its chances of getting adopted are almost zero. However, some people in the world find beauty in unexpected places, and that includes Francisca Franken. When she saw a cat named Bean on the website of a shelter, she immediately wanted to adopt her. Later, she found out that the kitten had been on the website for over a month and in the shelter for almost a year. The shelter said that people thought the cat looked “grumpy" and “ugly,” so no one wanted her. That broke Francisca’s heart and she knew that she needed to take Bean home with her. Francisca was so happy when she saw Bean in real life that she cried and then took her home that same day. It didn’t take long for Francisca to realize that Bean had been misunderstood and was actually a loving, cuddly cat. Today, Bean is a happy, well-adjusted cat, and Francisca says taking her in the best thing that ever happened to her.