When It Comes To This House: Don’t Mess With Texas!

A home for sale in a Dallas suburb has captured the attention of social media, thanks to its unique design scheme. The 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom home in Grapevine, Texas, is already under contract, and one thing can be said for the current owners: they really, really love Texas. The 2,107-square-foot home, which has a listing price of $529,000, is a tribute to the Lone Start State. Decorated exclusively in red, white and blue, the house sports Texas state flags in nearly every room in the house — as well as being painted over the entire garage door. The single-family home, which was built in 2013, has a kitchen with a large island and farm sink, a game room, an office, and an en-suite bathroom with a stand-alone tub and waterfall shower. Though the decor and paint job seem to limit the sale to a specific type of buyer, it appears they had no trouble unloading the place — likely to another die-hard Texan. It didn’t take social media long to chime in, with comments like, "Tell me you live in Texas without telling me you live in Texas,” and "I just want someone to love me the way Texas loves Texas.”