The Australian Theater With a Unique Feature That Solved a Big Problem

Who doesn’t enjoy going to the movies? Unfortunately for many couples, when children come along, going to the movies either becomes a chore or a distant memory. While most parents line up babysitters to get out to the movies, some parents lug their children along, convinced that their little darling will be as quiet as a church mouse, which turns out not to be the case most of the time. The Sun Theater had an answer for that problem. Originally opened in 1938 as a single-screen cinema seating 1,050 patrons, it was noted for being the most luxurious cinema in the area. A unique feature of the cinema was the pram (stroller) room, where babies in their prams were placed and given a number. If a baby began to cry, its number flashed on the screen to alert the parents. The theater was a hit, and people could enjoy their movie without having to listen to screaming babies.