Social Media Users Horrified By Bathroom With No Walls

A picturesque Boston condo is earning quite a lot of attention for a very awkward reason. The newly-renovated home is listed for a whopping $899,000 and has hardwood floors, a deck, four bedrooms, and three bathrooms — but one of those bathrooms is missing something: walls and a door. The toilet and shower are both fully exposed to the rest of the room, as well as to anyone in the hallway or next room over. The rest of house looks perfectly normal, including the outside. Most of the rooms are fairly unassuming, with a large kitchen opening up to a dining room. However, when the current owners renovated, they took the idea of open floor plan a little too far. While some have suggested that it’s a handicapped accessible bathroom, others have pointed out that there are no grab bars anywhere. There also doesn’t appear to be a toilet paper holder or any place to hang towels. Fortunately, the other two bathrooms in the home have both walls and doors. It's an easy guess as to what change will be made first by the buyer.