How to See (and Delete) All of Your Google Activity

Internet users, beware: Google is always watching. The company is constantly collecting information about where we go both online and in real life, what we do when we get there, and what sorts of questions we are asking the Internet. Google knows how often you go to the grocery store, and when your birthday is. It knows you’re thinking of buying a new houseplant, and it probably knows your political views. So, how do you find and delete your information? Making sure you’re signed in to your Google account, search “Google My Activity.” Once on the site, you can scroll down to see your Internet history, possibly stretching years back. If that freaks you out, the next step is to pause tracking. Select “Activity Controls” in the sidebar. This will take you to a page that explains exactly what information Google is tracking. To disable tracking, simply click the blue slider icon on the right of the “Web & App Activity” screen. Then, select “Pause.” Congratulations, your Web & App Activity is now paused, and your site visits, purchases, and searches will no longer be recorded by Google.