How An Old TV Deprived a Village in Wales of Internet Service For 18 Months

An old television set in a village in Wales left residents with broadband issues for 18 months. Engineers found that electrical interference emitting from the TV was causing slow Internet speeds every morning. Engineers initially believed that the connection problems were caused by old cables, but when the cables were replaced, the issue persisted. Having exhausted all other avenues, they wanted to do one final test to see if the fault was being caused by a phenomenon known as Single High-level Impulse Noise (SHINE), where electrical interference is omitted from an appliance that can then have an impact on broadband connectivity. It was then that the old television was discovered. SHINE usually occurs when a device is turning on or turning off and causes a burst of interference. Not only did the resident with the old TV agree not to turn it on again, but future Internet connections will use fiber-optic connections, which will send signals using lasers, as opposed to electrical signals over wires.