Grammar Vigilante in the UK Changes Incorrect Signs Overnight

A self-declared “grammar vigilante” in the village of Bristol is spending his days working in engineering and his nights prowling the streets and correcting the punctuation on business signs. Among the mystery man's targets have been signs reading “Vicenzo and Son Gentlemens Hairstylists”, “Herberts Bakery” and a produce display advertising “potato’s”. The vigilante, who goes out late at night wearing a black coat and hat, has been correcting the city's erroneous punctuation for more than 10 years. The unidentified man uses a specially-made stepladder that enables him to work without leaning against shop windows and uses stickers rather than paint to make his changes. He says his heart is pounding during his work, but denied that his alterations amount to criminal damage. So far, owners of the signs that have been changed are happy with the corrections.