Crocs Are Coming for Your Dog’s Feet

Crocs may not offer much on an aesthetic level, but the shoes are undeniably comfortable. Now, pet owners can share that comfort with their furry companions with new Crocs-inspired shoes for dogs. Like regular Crocs, these dog versions are soft and flexible and come in a variety of colors. The major difference is the size. Measuring 2.76 by 1.15 inches, the footwear is designed to fit tiny paws, so larger dogs will have to get their novelty shoes elsewhere. Geharty — which is not affiliated with Crocs — states that their product is not intended to be worn while dogs are walking or moving around. The shoes are merely for lounging around the house or posing for pictures. The Crocs for dogs are selling on Amazon beginning at $13, but you may have to wait a bit as they've sold out twice so far.