Australia Hit By “Biblical” Rodent Plague

Millions of mice are infesting rural towns in Australia after its bumper grain harvest and destroying crops as the country continues to battle its out-of-control rodent plague. Residents in New South Wales and southern Queensland have seen an explosion of rodents invading their homes because of the recent heavy summer rains. NSW Western Area Health Service has also reported a case of leptospirosis — a rare disease that can cause kidney failure and meningitis — as a result of mice in domestic dwellings. Shopkeeper Naav Singh said he is now arriving to his store five hours before opening to clean up after the mice and sweep their droppings. He has reduced his stock to prevent items being destroyed by the rodents, claiming that on some nights his staff catches 400-500 rodents. The mice plague is not just affecting residents' health, but their livelihoods, and NSW Farmers Association is now seeking urgent action from the government as the mice plague continues to decimate crops and destroy stored hay. They are asking the government for an Emergency Use Permit be issued for Zinc Phosphide to treat seed and kill off the mice. Intensive baiting programs have so far had little success against the infestation.