Actors Use An Old Marlon Brando Trick To Learn Lines As They Film

Marlon Brando famously taped pages from his scripts to walls, ceilings, and even his co-stars during filming so he wouldn’t have to learn his lines. Now, nearly 50 years after Brando used the trick in his masterpiece — The Godfather — British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor and actress Anne Hathaway are using the same trick for their latest film. The pair taped pages to their clothes, and even held them in front of their faces while the other was on camera. The film, Locked Down, which was devised and shot during the pandemic, follows a disillusioned couple who plan to steal a diamond from Harrods after struggling to find work during lockdown. 


James Caan, Robert Duvall and Marlon Brando in a scene from "The Godfather"