Woman Refuses To Shave Mustache and Unibrow

Eldina Jaganjac, 31, refuses to pluck her upper lip or between her eyebrows for a very good reason. The 31-year-old from Copenhagen, Denmark, says she doesn’t care what she looks like or what other people think of her. She likes having excess hair because she says it helps her to “weed out” potential love interests. Eldina insists she feels no less feminine, and her decision to stand out from the crowd has instilled in her a greater self-confidence. She didn’t always neglect personal grooming (see picture below). At one time, she plucked her eyebrows and removed the hair on her upper lip, but in March 2020 decided she didn’t want to live up to societal expectations anymore. Eldina says that while some men shout offensive remarks at her in the street, she has found that it hasn’t affected her dating life. In fact, she says it helps to point out potential suitors who are focused more on her looks than on her personality.