Things Veterinarians Say Pet Owners Should Be Aware Of

Bringing home an animal is a huge responsibility, and while it’s impossible to know everything, some people undertake the challenge without any qualification. After all, you’re committing to caring for another life. When your veterinarian gives you advice or recommends something, it is coming from years of education and experience. Recently, veterinarians were asked about the one thing they wished people knew about their pet. Here are some of their answers.


"Cats can’t be vegan. If you want a vegan pet, you need to get a rabbit.”

“Don’t get a cat and then expect me to amputate its toes because you don’t want it scratching your furniture. If you feel that strongly, adopt a dog.”

“You have your life, your job, your friends, and your family to provide your social interaction. Your pet only has YOU. Interact with them more than 5 minutes a day.”

“Don’t buy a dog because you like the way it looks. Huskies and most sorts of shepherds are working dogs and need a lot of activities to be happy.”

"If you see a stray cat with a cleanly clipped ear tip do not take it to a shelter. Either take it home to live with you or leave it on the street. Clipped ears means they were caught, neutered/spayed, and released. This is a way to control cat populations. Stray cats are more likely to be adopted from the street than from a shelter. If the cat is taken to a shelter they can't legally release it because that would be abandoning the animal. Unless it’s a no-kill shelter, chances are that cat will be euthanized.”