The Password For Milwaukee’s Spy Bar The SafeHouse

The SafeHouse is one of Milwaukee’s best-kept secrets, even if it’s really not so secretive. The restaurant and bar was founded in 1966 and has a unique espionage theme, making it a fun and unique destination for families, bar hoppers, and tourists alike. The SafeHouse is hidden, with a secret entrance in an alley off Wells Street in downtown Milwaukee. The best way to find it is to head down the alley next to the Newsroom Pub, which is also owned by the SafeHouse. Once you locate the entrance, you’ll be asked for a password to enter. Don’t worry if you don’t know it. All prospective customers without the password are asked to perform some sort of test — dancing, hula-hooping, making animal noises — at which point you will be granted access. Be aware that whatever the task is, it’s broadcasted over TVs for the entertainment of anyone sitting at the bar. Insider hint: the password may have something to do with needing a safe house. Once inside, there are rotating walls, rotating booths, and a secretive exit for an additional cost. Overall, the menu features an abundance of choices, like hearty salads, an extensive list of entrees, and yummy appetizers. The restaurant is very kid-friendly, but at night the restaurant transitions into an adults-only bar, with great music and plenty of dancing. So, you're dying to know the password, right? All you have to do is follow SafeHouse Milwaukee on Instagram at the link below and they’ll send you the password.