The Korean Folk Tale That Packs a Lot of Hot Air

The name of the folk tale is Banggwijaengi myeoneuri, which translated means: The Farting Daughter-in-law. It’s the story of a Korean woman who produces loud destructive farts. As the story goes, the daughter-in-law looked sick and was growing thinner. When her in-laws got worried and asked her what was wrong, she answered that it was because she couldn't fart. When they heard this, her in-laws told her not to worry and urged her to fart freely. The daughter-in-law explained that her farts were extremely powerful. She urged the family to prepare thoroughly, telling her father-in-law to hold on to a column, her mother-in-law to the door, her husband to the kitchen door, and her sister-in-law to the rice pot. When she farted, it was so powerful that the house was badly damaged, with some parts flying off and other parts collapsing. When they saw the strength of her fart, her in-laws decided to send her back to her original family. She followed her father-in-law back there, but on the way they met a peddler. The daughter-in-law made a bet with him that she could pick some fruit from a tree. She got the fruit down by releasing an enormous fart and received a good item from the peddler in return. When he saw this, her father-in-law realized that his daughter-in-law’s farts were useful and welcomed her back into the family home. Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox don’t sound so ridiculous now, do they?