One Area in Florida Has a Very Unique Area Code

Bureaucrats aren’t particularly known for having a sense of humor, so it was something of a shock when the North American Numbering Plan Administration — the agency that assigns area codes — came up with a clever one for Brevard County in Florida. Home of Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center, Brevard County has a long history of ties to the space program. That’s why NANPA decided it deserved to have the area code 321, as in "3-2-1 liftoff.” Actually, the idea didn’t come from a pencil-pusher, but from resident Robert Osband, who describes himself as a space enthusiast. He attended one of the Brevard County meetings of the Florida Public Service Commission and presented his idea for the liftoff area code. “Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest ones,” said Kevin Bloom, a spokesman for the Florida Public Service Commission.