NASA Wants Your Help Feeding Astronauts — and You Could Win $25,000 in the Process

If you’re a foodie who happens to be obsessed with the space program, there may be a job for you. NASA has announced the “Deep Space Food Challenge” to help find a solution for one day bringing fresh produce to astronauts traveling thousands of miles away. If you have the answer, NASA will pay you a share of its $500,000 prize purse for it. Teams are invited to create novel and game-changing food technologies for safe, nutritious and palatable food for long-duration space missions. NASA currently has no real food system that can meet both the demands of extended flights and the nutritional needs of the astronauts onboard. To win the challenge, the solution must help fill food gaps for a 3-year round-trip mission with no resupply and improve the accessibility of food on Earth in remote and harsh environments. Teams must register by May 28, 2021, with submissions due by July 31, 2021. You can learn more about the challenge here: