Man Shocked to Find Missing AirPod Lodged in His Esophagus

A 38-year-old man is warning other AirPod users about the danger of swallowing the wireless ear buds, after accidentally ingesting one in his sleep and undergoing surgery to have it removed. Brad Gauthier, of Worcester, Mass., had fallen asleep with the AirPods on, but when one was missing when he woke up, he didn’t think much of it. Then, after going about his day, he began to notice discomfort in his chest. When he tried to take a drink of water, the water backed up in his throat and he began choking. Leaning over forward, he managed to expel the water. Still, he went on with his day, even clearing his driveway of snow. Finally, the discomfort in his chest sent him to the hospital, where doctors took an x-ray and quickly discovered the clear outline of the AirPod. Interestingly, when all was said and done, the built-in speaker of the AirPod is still functional.