KFC Says No To Horse-Drawn Carriages at the Drive-Thru

Technically, a horse-drawn carriage is being driven, so it shouldn’t be out of place at a drive-thru. However, a traveler in England says he was denied service at a KFC drive-thru because of his choice of vehicle. Apparently, horse-drawn carriages don't meet the criteria of vehicles allowed in the drive-thru. Ian Bell says the manager of the KFC came outside and told him he had to leave due to health and safety concerns. Bell explained that his horse, Jon Jon, was behaving quite civilly and was as quiet as a lamb (which probably isn’t allowed at the drive-thru either). Fortunately, a McDonald’s down the street doesn’t care what you come to the drive-thru in and quickly filled Bell’s order for a Big Mac. According to Bell, this incident won’t stop him from driving the carriage around, and he even joked that he’s going to try Burger King’s drive-thru to see what its policy on horses is.