How One Woman Single-Handedly Recorded 35 Years of News on VHS

Three and a half decades of television newscasts have found a new home on the Internet Archive, thanks to one woman’s lifelong work of recording the news around-the-clock. Marion Stokes, a former librarian and local television show producer, recorded everything news-related on television beginning in 1977. She received half a dozen daily newspapers and 100-150 monthly periodicals. She became convinced that there was a lot of detail in the news at risk of disappearing forever, and channeled her natural hoarding tendencies to the task of creating an archive. Utilizing eight VHS recorders at a time, Stokes recorded news from local, network, and 24-hour cable news channels up until her death in 2012. Those 35 years filled a total of 140,000 VHS tapes, and now those tapes are kept in the Internet Archive, which can be accessed here: