How Often Do Trucks Use Runaway Truck Ramps?

In a big rig, you can go down a mountain too slow as many times as you want, but you can only go down a mountain too fast once. What you need to know about drivers of 18-wheelers is that they don’t rely on their brakes to descend high-grade slopes. In fact, brakes are their last resort. Descending slopes with a fully loaded big rig requires preparation. They descend in first gear at 5mph and never change gears. The resistance of the transmission prevents the truck from accelerating. So why do they have runaway truck ramps? Unfortunately, they are there for drivers who pay no attention to the warnings posted before steep slopes. They enter the descent too fast, and only their brakes can hold them back……..but not for long. When they’ve completely smoked their brakes, abandoning the roadway is the only thing left to do to save their life and the lives of others. Their brakes won’t save them, which means the only alternative is the runaway truck ramp. Studies show that an average of 2,450 truck incidents happen each year, with an estimated 2,150 of them resulting in no deaths or injuries due to the use of runaway truck ramps. The cost of ramp maintenance is slightly over $1 million a year, while big rig incidents account for $36 million a year in loss and damages.