Here’s What Kind Of Apartment You Can Get In Russia For $100 a Month

We all want to live comfortably. We want a space for ourselves where we can be safe and can relax. Some people want to build a cabin in the woods, while others lean towards an apartment in a bustling city. Unfortunately, sometimes the process of finding a place we can call our own is a quite tedious one. However, every now and then someone lucks out and finds the perfect place at the perfect price. That’s exactly what happened to Dan Sheekoz from Russia when he managed to find what he says is a great apartment, and for only $100 a month. There’s only one catch: it’s only 190 square feet. Aside from a combination living room/bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, the house also comes with a back yard, where Dan can grow vegetables. So, even though by some standards this apartment qualifies as a closet, it’s apparently a great deal in Russia. As if the apartment doesn’t seem small already, imagine one last thing……Dan lives there with his wife.