Glock 'n Roll: Pakistan Unveils Its New Rollerblade Armed Police Response Unit

Police in Karachi, Pakistan, are deploying a rollerblade unit, armed with Glock pistols, to curb theft and harassment on its teeming streets. Farrukh Ali, chief of the unit, explained that officers on rollerblades could more easily chase thieves on motorcycles through the city of 20 million, navigating narrow alleys where it’s difficult to go using vehicles. The rollerblading police are expected to begin officially next month, but have already begun patrolling Karachi’s bustling beachfront. News of the new rollerblading unit was met with some amusement and derision on social media, with some joking that criminals would be able to escape the officers by simply finding a flight of stairs to escape up. Rollerblading police across Europe have met with across-the-board success.