Floating House in Massachusetts For Sale

A home for sale in Massachusetts is gaining attention online because of its unusual location. It’s on a boat, but it’s not a houseboat. The home, listed for $275,000, was formerly known as the Governor Herrick, a dredge for the Cape Cod Canal in the early 1900s. The vessel, now named Tapestry, was converted in the mid-1990s by a man who built a home on top of the boat. The 1,800-square-foot house, which has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, is parked at the Fairhaven Shipyard, but the location is not permanent. The person who currently lives in the house works at the shipyard, so he was unable to keep it there. The future buyer will have to move it. The barge can be transported to another marina, or the home can simply be removed from the barge to a plot of land if the buyer finds a suitable spot.