Conspiracy Theorists Claim That Snow In Texas Is Fake

In the last week, Texas experienced a disastrous winter storm, with temperatures dropping down to -2º F. Residents experienced power outages, water shortages and boil water notices. In the shadow of this hardship, some people thought that it’s actually the government’s fault.........for sending the snow — not the real kind, the fake kind. Apparently, it was all to teach Texas a lesson for not voting blue. More than a handful of conspiracy theorists have taken initiative to prove to everyone that the snow is not real — by burning it to show that it doesn’t melt. While blaming President Joe Biden for creating fake snow, people are posting videos online showing that the snow does not melt while being burned, instead only leaving black marks and an unpleasant odor. The reason why there's no meltwater coming off the snow has nothing to do with artificial production of this weather phenomenon by any political bodies. So why isn’t the snow melting when you heat it up with a candle or lighter? Scientifically, it’s called sublimation: when you heat snow, it goes from solid to gas and it disappears by turning into vapor. It’s simply that exposure of the snow to direct, high-temperature heat makes it evaporate. The process of sublimation completely skips the the liquid stage and instead of turning into water, it turns into a gas form. The black remnants are simply particulates that occur while burning any fuel source which comes from candles and lighters, rather than the snow itself. This also happens when you hold a candle up close to a surface and it gets stained. In response, numerous scientists, teachers and other academics, and professionals are explaining the the mystery behind the burning snow in the most hilarious ways.