Bizarre Celebrity Deaths

There are many unusual celebrity deaths that everybody knows about, including those of Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe. However, there are many others that remain shrouded in mystery or include bizarre and inconclusive details. Here are some of the strangest celebrity deaths, some you may never have heard of.


Sal Mineo was stabbed to death in an alley behind his apartment building. It was suspected that his murder was a hate crime, occurring after he announced his bisexuality.

Isadora Duncan, the creator of modern dance, was killed in a tragic automobile accident. While riding in an open-top car, her long scarf got entangled in one of the wheels, ultimately dragging her out of the car. It was never determined whether her death was by strangulation or the impact of hitting the pavement.

Jon-Erik Hexum was fiddling with a prop gun while on the set of the movie Cover Up, when he held it up to his head and pulled the trigger. The blank cartridge hit his temple, and despite five hours of surgery, he was pronounced brain dead.

Jayne Mansfield, whose daughter is actress Mariska Hargitay, was killed in a car wreck when a tractor-trailer abruptly stopped in front of the vehicle and her driver wasn’t able to brake in time.

Linda Darnell died unexpectedly in a house fire caused by a cigarette. Two of the other people in the house escaped through a second-story window, but Darnell attempted to make it through the fire to the front door. She burned 90% of her body in the process and died from the injuries.

Playwright Tennessee Williams was found dead in a hotel room. It was discovered that he died as the result of asphyxiation when a bottle cap became lodged in his throat.