You Can Buy An Electric Mini Pickup Truck for Just $2,600

If you’re looking for the cheapest electric pickup truck money can buy, you should definitely check out this bargain on Chinese marketplace Alibaba – an all-electric mini pickup truck for just $2,600. Manufactured in China under the obscure brand “R&Z” this nifty little electric truck sits on 12-inch wheels, has a maximum payload of 1,100 pounds and features a 5’3″ long bed. While they're not the most impressive specs for a pickup truck, keep in mind that it costs a fraction of the price of any electric truck developed by western brands. Plus, it does offer a cozy two-person cabin, air vents (air conditioning costs extra), adjustable seats, seatbelts, LED headlights, radio, and metallic paint. The 75-mile range of its 72V and 7.2 kWh battery pack is pretty decent as well. For an electric vehicle that starts at, $2,600, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck.