Why Dolly Parton Leaves Her Christmas Decorations Up Through Mid-January

Dolly Parton is a larger-than-life celebrity and philanthropist, but she does have one habit that makes her very relatable: She leaves her Christmas decorations up well into the new year. Though many people procrastinate taking down Christmas decorations out of laziness, Parton has a good reason for her tradition. She puts her Christmas decorations up on Thanksgiving and doesn’t take them down until after her birthday on January 19. She says she enjoys celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas and her birthday as one long holiday season. Turning 75 this year, the singer has a lot to celebrate this year. She plans to tour 15 international stadiums this year, as well as launching a new book, album, and Broadway show. Parton is not alone in her tradition of leaving Christmas decorations up longer. Queen Elizabeth II waits until February to take down the decorations at Sandringham House, where she spends the holidays. The practice is a way of honoring the anniversary of the death of her father, King George VI, on February 6.