This Man Was Living On $200 When He Discovered He Had a Relic Worth $1.5 Million

Loren Krytzer walked into a California auction room broke and unemployed — surviving on disability checks — and a minute later walked out a millionaire — all thanks to a blanket. He inherited the blanket when his grandmother died, primarily because nobody else in the family wanted it. From there, it went to a closet, where it remained for seven years. During that time, Loren was involved in a car accident that resulted in the amputation of his left leg. Disability provided just enough for him to move into a friend’s shack near Palmdale, Calif., where he paid $700 a month rent. That left him with just $200 a month on which to live. Many times, he would make his way to Costco, where he was able to buy a Coke and a hot dog for $1.50 to have for dinner. Other nights he ate Ramen noodles. Then, in 2011, he happened to be watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow, when he was shocked to learn that the old blanket in his closet was actually a First Phase Navajo blanket that’s worth around $500,000. Fast-Forward six months and Loren found himself watching the blanket from his closet being auctioned off at the Pasadena Convention Center. The Navajo blanket ended up selling for $1.5 million, with Loren's share of the proceeds being a cool $1.3 million. Instead of going crazy, as you might expect, Loren bought a home, a car and a motorcycle, and the rest he invested in stocks and municipal bonds. He's a perfect example of how life can change in an instant.