The Secret You May Not Know About Walt Disney

When people hear the name Walt Disney, they most often think of the founder of Mickey Mouse and the Disney empire. Who would have thought that the children’s icon was also an FBI informant. From 1940 until his death in 1966, Walt Disney secretly served in the FBI. He was recruited to work for the FBI’s Los Angeles office, reporting on the activities of actors, writers, producers, directors, technicians and union activists suspected of political subversion. At that time, communism was on the rise around the world and American officials were concerned about these ideals spreading into society. In 1993, the Freedom of Information Act opened up over 570 pages of Disney’s involvement with the FBI, though much of the details were blacked out. In return for Disney's cooperation, J. Edgar Hoover allowed Disney to film at the Bureau's headquarters in Washington. Because of the information he shared, he was eventually promoted to the role of a full Special Agent and received help from the FBI in acquiring permits to build Disneyland in Los Angeles.